National Committee

Welcome to the Heisman High School Scholarship National Committee

As a committee member, you are part of a diverse group of voters consisting of National Heisman High School Heisman Scholarship Winners, Heisman Trophy Winners, Heisman Trustees and associates of the Heisman Trophy Trust. We thank you for your support in selecting our two (2) National Winners.

Voting Timeline

October 30 – November 6

Voting closes at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT

Voting Instructions 

Before voting, we recommend you read the below instructions to easily access and navigate the voting system.

Click “Vote” on the bottom of this page.

Once on the voting site, input your email address (which will be your username) and click ‘Next’. Use the password provided to you in the voting email. You will need to log in as a ‘Review Board Member’.

Once logged in, click the blue ‘Score Applications’ button to the right of the 2023 Heisman High School Scholarship Program.

From here, click ‘Score Round’ on either the “Finalists – Boys” round or “Finalists – Girls” to begin. You will be taken to a page with a list of either the 6 male finalists or the 6 female finalists. They will be listed with their brief application summary viewable for comparison. You can also view a candidate’s application by clicking directly on the eye button to the right, where you can review each section of the application by clicking the appropriate tabs (e.g. Profile, School, Academics, Athletic Activities, etc.). To exit out of the individual application, click the X.

To rank the applications, please utilize the up and down arrows. If you would like to move an application to first place, please move it up to the first row using the up arrow button as many times as needed. To move an applicant down in the ranking, you will do the same motion but with the down arrow buttons. Alternatively, you may drag the application and drop it in the ranking spot that you would like.

In order to successfully submit your rankings, each application will need to have an assigned rank on the left side of the screen. Your selection for each student’s rank is not final until you click the blue ‘Submit Ranking’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to print applications for offline viewing, you can do so on the student’s application by clicking the printer icon.