Natalie MacEwan

El Camino Real Charter High School
Woodland Hills, CA

This Leader Knows Hard-Earned
Successes Are the Sweetest

Nothing has ever been handed to Natalie MacEwan. Growing up, her family faced significant financial hardships, often going without the essentials and sometimes depending on government assistance to get by. It fostered in her a determination to work harder, take the toughest courses, get involved in her community, and harness her competitive spirit to excel in sports. With her parents’ support and constant encouragement to do her best, Natalie has seen her inborn leadership skills flourish, in spite of hardships. Her peers now look to her to set the example on the court, in the classroom, and in her community.

Nowhere is Natalie’s leadership more apparent than in her role in Venturing, a co-ed program established by the Boy Scouts of America. Scouting is in Natalie’s blood—her father is a Scout leader and her brother is pursuing Eagle Scout status. The program has given Natalie opportunities to travel, hike some of the most rugged terrain of the Rockies, and hone her leadership skills. As president of Venturing Officers Association in her region, she plans various events, often coordinating them from start to finish and serving as emcee as well. Her duties have taken her to Sacramento, where she has met with the governor of California to report on the benefits of scouting. At school, Natalie serves as class president and is a leader on three sports teams: volleyball, water polo, and swimming. She volunteers her time to mentor her peers in both academics and sports, and believes this is her most important and fulfilling role as a leader.

Natalie has overcome many obstacles in order to succeed. But all of that hard work was threatened when she incurred a concussion during swimming. Her injury left her unable to read, write, do simple arithmetic, or stay focused on anything without suffering painful headaches. Once again, Natalie rose to the challenge. She put in the extra work to discover different techniques until she found something that worked, including listening to audiobooks, recording class lectures, and spending lunches working with her teachers. What began as a setback put her on track to discover even greater inner strength, and she gained new appreciation for her teachers in the process. Through all life’s challenges, Natalie doesn’t begrudge the hardships she has faced. She chooses to be grateful for the opportunities to push herself harder, and she is steadfast in her belief that the best views come only after the hardest climbs.





  • Captain
  • All-Conference
  • Most Improved
  • Water Polo

    • Captain
    • Varsity Letter Winner


    • Captain
    • Varsity Letter Winner
    • All-Conference
    • All-District
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Coach’s Award


    • West Valley League Southern California Individual Medley Champion


Academic Honors & Awards

  • Certificate of Congressional Recognition
  • California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition
  • AP Scholar with Honor
  • Venturing Leadership Award for Western Los Angeles County Council Venturing
  • Venturing Leadership Award for Western Region Area 4 (Southern California)
  • Questbridge College Prep Scholar and Match Finalist
  • Scholar Athlete Award
  • Gold Honor Role



School & Community Involvement

  • Student Class President
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Unicef
  • Christian Club
  • Shepherd of the Hills Church Sunday School Teacher
  • Venturing (President)
  • Venturing Officers Association for Los Angeles (President)
  • Venturing Officers Association for Western Region Area 4 (President)
  • Cub Parent Weekend and Cub Family Weekend Leader





“The best of views come only after the hardest climbs.”

~ Natalie MacEwan ~