Joe Pavlak

Wadsworth High School
Wadsworth, OH

The pursuit of excellence comes with its share of failures, but never with regret.

Joe Pavlak’s mom has always encouraged her four boys to be men of no regret. For Joe, the youngest of the four, that means giving every endeavor his best effort, whether he’s working hard in the classroom, pushing past physical and mental limitations during swim practice, or setting the example for his teammates and friends. By putting 100 percent into everything he does, he knows that even if he falls short of his ultimate goal, he can be satisfied with the experience. He views failure not as something to regret, but as an experience from which to learn.

Joe put that belief into action when, after an exciting freshman year on the swim team punctuated by setting many personal records, he fell short of qualifying for state by eleven one hundredths of a second. Instead of dwelling on the missed opportunity, he chose to use the experience as an opportunity to up his training regimen and work closely with his coach to become an even stronger and faster swimmer. The next year, that hard work paid off when Joe qualified in three events.

While Joe accepts failures as a part of his path to success, he knows that for many people, challenging circumstances and difficult situations can become nearly impossible obstacles to overcome. As the captain of his swim team, Joe has made it his mission to create safe and fun opportunities for his team to get together outside of school, providing a healthy alternative to the drug and alcohol scene that derails so many teens. He is also an active member of Young Life, a Christian ministry that helps young people grow in their faith and to learn, as Joe has, to live a life with no regrets.





  • Captain
  • Varsity Letter Winner
  • All-Conference
  • All-District
  • All-State
  • District Champion (100m Breaststroke, 200m Medley Relay) (2015)
  • Top 8 State Finishes (100m Breaststroke, 200m Medley Relay)
  • 5 School Records Holder
  • District Record Holder
  • Medina County MVP (2015, 2016)

Academic Honors & Awards

  • National Honor Society
  • National Merit Scholar Semifinalist
  • Excellence Roll Recognition



School & Community Involvement

  • Student Class President
  • Student Council Executive Board Vide President
  • Young Life






“When I do fail, it does not cause me to regret, but instead to learn.”
~ Joe Pavlak ~