Jada Dayne

Waunakee High School
Waunakee, Wisconsin

When she puts her mind to it, this soccer player knows how to get results.

Athletic ability is in Jada Dayne’s DNA. Her dad, Ron Dayne, was a Heisman Trophy winning running back for the University of Wisconsin and played in the NFL for eight seasons. But she inherited more than his passion for sports; she has also adopted her parents’ belief that with the right mindset, anything is possible. She uses that principle to succeed athletically, academically, and in her leadership roles, even when the hurdles seem insurmountable.

As an accomplished all-state soccer player and all-conference basketball player, Jada has learned about respect, perseverance, and poise on the field and on the court, and she applies those traits to all areas of her life. In her personal life, she’s seen family and friends struggle with difficult situations; but she continues to believe success is always possible despite the challenges one faces. In the classroom, when she deals with a particularly difficult course or concept, or when she earns a grade she doesn’t like, she always finds a way to make the extra effort and do what it takes to improve her results.

Jada strives to change things for the better in the world around her, too. She and a few of her classmates started a club called the Justice League that works to address issues ranging from police brutality to inequality in the community and the nation. From speaking out on social problems, to defending on the field, to making the grade, wherever Jada sees a challenge, she makes it her job to be part of the solution. She consistently makes a positive difference for herself and the people around her.





  • 2 years Captain
  • 3 years Varsity Letter Winner
  • 3 years MVP
  • 3 years All-Conference
  • 2 years All-Region 1st Team
  • 3 years All-State
  • All American 2nd Team as a Junior
  • Basketball

    • 2 years Captain
    • 3 years Varsity Letter Winner
    • MVP as a Junior
    • 3 years All-Conference


Academic Honors & Awards

  • 4 years High Honor Roll
  • AP Scholar Award
  • Urban League Outstanding Young Persons Award
  • NAACP ACT-SO Poetry Competition Bronze and Silver Medals



School & Community Involvement

  • Justice League President (Social Justice Club)
  • HERO (Volunteer Work)
  • Spanish Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes






“No matter your situation, you CAN do it. You can be successful when all odds are against you.”
~ Jada Dayne ~