Colin Elias

Staten Island Technical High School
Staten Island, NY

Stroke of Genius

Breaking down barriers is the key to inclusion and opportunity for all.

Lots of kids love to learn. By for Colin Elias, it’s an obsession, and it always has been. As a very young child, he wanted to learn everything he could about dinosaurs, astronomy, and street maps, to name just a few areas of interest. “I have always been astounded by our ability to learn as humans, and how incremental gains lead to incredible success,” he says. This same passion for knowledge carried over to sports as well, and Colin has tried anything and everything, including basketball, football, and baseball. But it was the game of golf that intrigued his young mind the most. “Golf was mainly a skill sport, which meant your abilities were completely determined by how hard you work. This spoke to me, as someone who loves the journey,” he says.

Colin began playing in U.S. Kids golf tournaments when he was six years old and has collected numerous accolades over the years, including becoming the youngest ever NYC Junior Champion and winning the 2020 NJ PGA Junior Championship. He is now the 4th ranked golfer in New York State. And while his love of the game runs deep, “I hate many of the ills it represents,” he admits. “The lack of opportunity in golf mirrors the lack of opportunity in society.” Inspired by golf influencer Roger Steele and his “Grow the Game” initiative, Colin is doing his own part to improve accessibility to the sport. He founded Staten Island Junior Golf to open up the game to more interested players in his area and to raise funds for local charities. In 2020-21, he successfully set up a tournament “with a price tag so low everyone can play” and sold it out to 40 golfers ages 14-18. “I luckily had two perfect weather days and was able to see golfers from all walks and backgrounds play in a great event together. And best of all, I was able to give back to NYC Junior Golf.”

Colin gives his time and skills to many other organizations in his community as well, including Lombard Academy, another initiative that he helped found. The academy matches tutors with clients of all types that need encouragement and support to gain and master new skills. He also works with his church’s youth group to teach basketball skills and impart the life lessons he’s learned from the sport. And he served as a volunteer in Congressman Max Rose’s campaign in both 2018 and 2020. Colin approaches all of these experiences as new opportunities to feed his hunger for knowledge and success, and often says he gets as much, if not more, than he gives. “Ironically, through all the sports I’ve played, on the sidelines coaching was the most excited I’ve ever been!”




  • Captain
  • Varsity Letter Winner
  • All-Conference
  • All-District
  • All-State
  • 3 School Records
  • 1 District Record
  • 3x SIGA Junior Player of the Year
  • 2020 NJ PGA Junior Champion
  • 2019 NYC Champion
  • 2020 HJGT Roycebrook Junior Champion
  • 2021 SI Junior Amateur Champion
  • 3x Kiwanis Junior Champion
  • 4x Jody’s Junior Champion
  • 3x Carter Cup Invitee
  • 2021 Kerry Cup Invitee
  • 2019 HJGT Junior National Championship: 10th Place
  • 2018 US Kids Teen World Championship Invitee: Top 50
  • 2021 PGA Junior New Jersey Section Championship: Top 5
  • 2021 NYC Men’s Amateur: Top 15


  • Captain
  • Service and Excellence Award

Table Tennis

  • Varsity Team Member
  • Ocean Breeze Table Tennis Club U18 Champion


Academic Honors & Awards

  • National Honor Society Advisory Council
  • National Russian Essay Contest Silver Medalist
  • Tri-M Music Honors Society Member and Piano Recitalist
  • National Examinations in World Languages: Russian, Intermediate Proficiency
  • National Merit Letter of Commendation
  • AP Scholar with Distinction



School & Community Involvement

  • Student Senator
  • School Wind Ensemble Low Woodwind Section Leader
  • Kubb Club Founder
  • Staten Island Junior Golf Founder
  • Staten Island Catholic Youth Organization Volunteer
  • Lombard Academy Co-Founder and Chief Tutor





“My hunger to succeed comes from falling in love with the process.”

~ Colin Elias ~