Chad White

Northgate High School
Newnan, GA

Called to Serve

A path well worth following. 

Chad White II grew up in a military home where service, leadership, and sacrifice go hand-in-hand. His dad served as an Army Engineer Officer. His grandparents were dedicated volunteers. Early on, Chad developed a strong desire to follow in their footsteps. He began working at the local food bank with his grandmother and continues to serve as a leader in the organization today while donating many hours to other critical missions in his community. This past summer, he put his plans for future service into action by attending the West Point Summer Leaders Experience Summer Seminar at the U.S. Military Academy. “My desire to serve others is like a burning fire that won’t be extinguished and attending an institution that gives me the opportunity to do so is my ultimate drive.”

One of the most rewarding ways Chad gives back is by sharing his athletic gifts. A black belt in karate, he has become an instructor in the martial art, training other students of different ages and abilities. While he is helping others, they in turn are helping him become a stronger leader. “I self-reflected on how I lead to ensure I can positively affect the success of a class no matter the ability of the student,” he says. Through his dedication to the craft, he has become one of the youngest black belts ever to sit on the black belt testing board.

When he’s not kicking or sparing, you can find Chad in the pool. Here, however, achieving status as an elite athlete has been a more challenging path. “From the beginning of freshman year, my ability as a swimmer has been questioned due to antiquated stereotypes. ‘Are you sure you can even swim?’ This is a typical statement made to African Americans that I have heard countless times.” Chad resolved to train day and night, in and out of the pool, creating a strict schedule to ensure time to maintain high honors while proving himself to his team. “Although it has not been fully resolved, my role as a vital swimmer cannot be denied,” he says. Chad applies his own experience as a mentor for an organization that promotes the idea that “Failure Is Not An Option” for the inner-city minority males it serves. “My motto has always been that when you fall down you have to get up better and stronger.” By staying the course to his future leadership aspirations, Chad is setting the example for other young people with a passion to achieve their dreams, whatever it takes.




  • Captain
  • Varsity Letter Winner
  • 3rd Fastest Male Time

Club Karate

  • Black Belt
  • District Record Holder
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Black Belt Testing Board Member
  • 1st Place Sparring
  • 1st Place Kicks

Academic Honors & Awards

  • National Honor Society
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Certificate of Excellence, Tuskegee School of Animal Medicine
  • Presidential Education Award



School & Community Involvement

  • Beta Club Member
  • The Society of Torch And Laurel
  • F.I.N.A.O. (Failure is Not An Option) Group Leader and Mentor
  • The Honor Member
  • The Crossfire Movement Leader
  • S.C.I Food Bank Volunteer
  • S.C.I Finish Strong Learning Pod





“Since I was a child, I always believed the true calling in my life was serving others while maintaining a leadership role.”

~ Chad White ~