Bronte Johnson

Gahanna Lincoln High School
Blacklick, OH

On Track to Make Big Change

Brontë Johnson’s passion for her sports is unrivaled. She is a four-year varsity track & field star who has competed at the state level. She has been playing golf since the age of nine and recently competed and won the OCC in golf. She plans to play both sports at a Division I school in the fall. While she loves her sports dearly and is always looking for ways to push herself harder to set personal records and break school records, she makes sure to keep athletics in perspective. They are games, after all, as she says. She tries to stay focused on the most important things in life.

For Brontë, that includes leading and serving others. She is a recipient of the Girls Scouts’ Gold Award, the organization’s most prestigious award reserved for girls who are committed to making the world a better place. She serves as president of DECA Marketing. And she is one of 15 teens from around the U.S. who participates on Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good, a group dedicated to improving online safety and digital civility. Brontë was recently invited to Washington, D.C. to speak as part of live panel on cyberbullying alongside Melania Trump and other members of the Council. Last summer, Brontë was invited to participate in the Buckeye Girls State program, which educates young people about local, city, and state government. She ran for and won the top elected position of camp governor. She used the experience to hone her leadership and advocacy skills and to work with her campmates to discuss and champion issues such as attracting more women to STEM, protecting the environment, and improving education.

She is confident that she will one day change the world. But she knows it won’t come without putting in the effort; a lesson she learned the hard way after underperforming on her first test in Honors Chinese, “As soon as I experienced the bitter taste of failure, I knew I didn’t want seconds.” With Chinese, she focused, pushed the limits, and ultimately became the president of her school’s Chinese National Honors Society, an organization that she and her two sisters, who also speak Chinese, were elected to help lead the first year it was established (Brontë’s sophomore year). Brontë puts that same level of effort into everything that matters to her. It’s a practice that has already opened countless doors and will, no doubt, continue to open countless more.




  • Captain
  • Varsity Letter Winner
  • Four-Year Competitor
  • District Competitor
  • Track & FIeld

    • Varsity Letter Winner
    • All-Conference
    • All-District
    • All-State

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Four-Year Academic Award Winner
  • Speech and Debate State Qualifier
  • National Honor Society
  • Chinese National Honor Society



School & Community Involvement

  • Student Body President
  • Chinese National Honor Society President
  • Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good
  • DECA Marketing and Business President
  • Buckeye Girls State Governor
  • Girl Scouts – Gold Award
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Mosaic Community Garden
  • “Vote Now!” Organization Group





“I know I am able to do this for real, and to bring these issues to light! I can make real change–today!”

~ Brontë Johnson ~